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Lela Jefferson
Writer/Poet and New Media Marketing & PR Professional

An African-American female native New Yorker, raised and being re-invented in Brooklyn, NY; Lela Jefferson's life journey is still being charted. Reared by a mother who was already a grandmother two times over by the time she was born. Her father, who was a recovering alcoholic, said his life was changed the day she entered it.

Both passed away before her 30th birthday; their stories of deliverance and restoration were the initial fuses that sparked their daughter's passion for self expression.

Lela's professional career has had her in pivotal roles in entertainment and sports management, direct marketing (specializing in web production) and most recently non-for-profit religious office administration management; support and special events coordination.

Lela is a change agent. That strives to make positive marks and long standing relationships with each person she comes in contact with; may that be directly or indirectly through her creative works.

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